The Howling Meta Wolves NFT is a collection of unique wolves. This whitepaper will present the Team that made this vision come to life and break down the roadmap to highlight key points that are critical to this project, such as control and ownership over the art, the AX6 Hub which will be a space where individuals can connect to share knowledge of Web3, a DAO to keep our community engaged & gaming just to have fun! With a mantra that encompasses values of wealth, power, and stature, being a Howling Meta Wolf means carrying your own unique genetic footprint of unmatched wisdom and strength.

Team Background

The idea of Howling Meta Wolves was founded by three individuals, Akil Momin, Safin Maknojia and Rozina Momin. Amongst the three of us we have extensive experience in this space which makes us a great fit for a quality art based NFT project. This experience is derived from us owning a design agency, crypto mining facilities and our own personal investments in this space.

Along with us, we also have a team of world-class artists. This team includes Tsvetelin Krastev, a Concept Artist/Designer. Within his 10 year experience he has been part of various projects spanning from small to big productions contributing to projects such as “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”, “Hellboy 3”, “Game of Thrones” and much more. He is in charge of creating the concept for some of the masterpieces we have for the Howling Meta Wolves.

Additionally, Ritesh Mahabale is also a part of the team. He is an astounding texture/lighting/and set surface artist with experience working for Netflix films Sweet Girl, Watership Down, Beatbugs and more. Ritesh was brought onto the team to create life-like textures and do rigging on the character to bring it to life in the animation studio.

Your NFT, Your Choice

2D or 3D? The debate will go on forever, so what we decided to do is leave it up to the Holder! With our Swipe Technology Holders will be able to literally adjust their NFT to make it 2D, 3D or whichever proportion they like! The reason we did this is to truly give 100% ownership and control to our Holders. Also, why not? Web 3 space is growing each and every day and we want our Holders to move forward in this space with us. We didn’t want to leave anything up for debate and give our 100% effort into this project. That’s why we decided to give it our all and give our Holders the freedom to do what they want with the art.


HMW is launching AX6 Hub, a platform created to bridge the knowledge gap between the fragmented world of Web 3.0. AX6 Hub will provide wolf like opportunities for all HMW holders and the web3 community as a whole. The vision of AX6 Hub was derived by us 3 entrepreneurs who realized our own experience in the web3 space was so different and access to information wasn’t uniformed. So we decided to launch HMW and create AX6 Hub to bring this together as a central, organized way to get into Web 3.0. You can meet vetted influencers/pioneers/alphas, connect with creators and talent, attend the hottest events in the space including NFT.NYC, VEECON, NFT Miami, SXSW, etc, access courses from trusted and knowledgeable people, and much more.

We are committed to this vision, thus have been building AX6 Hub Phase 1 of the platform for some time already and it will launch immediately after mint on April 26, 2022. We even have a beta version live on our Discord right now. Phase 1 will entail a market that will allow holders to use the coin they earn to enter into NFT, IRL and other raffles, purchase WLs, get HMW Merch, tickets to use time machine to upgrade NFT and more!

AX6 Hub Phase 2 is planned to be launched by Q4 2022. This platform will connect Creators, Enthusiasts, Degens, and Talent with vetted Influencers, Projects, and Content to create a safe space for learnings and opportunities. The platform will allow users to host and attend AMAs, create their own and sign up for courses, and grow their following through networking opportunities. Upon launching Phase 2 we will also introduce our token with a liquidity pool.

AX6 HUB: Phase 1

How to Earn $HOWL

Holders will earn coins on a consistent basis for each HMW NFT they own. Before we jump into the details, here is a simple graphic to show the different ways holders can earn coins:

Each NFT will earn 100 coins on a daily basis. Earning of the coins will start right away after mint.

1 $HOWL = 1 $HOWL

We have decided to give extra perks to those who hold more than 1 HMW NFT. Here is the breakdown for that:

Daily earnings:

1 HMW = 100 $HOWL

3 HMW = 105 $HOWL for each NFT

5 HMW = 115 $HOWL for each NFT

10 HMW = 120 $HOWL for each NFT

There will also be 10 legendary wolves and 50 rare wolves. If a holder is to mint either of these they will earn additional coins on a daily basis.

Legendary — 400 additional $HOWL will be distributed for each legendary per day

Rare — 200 additional $HOWL will be distributed for each rare per day

How to use $HOWL

To ensure we maintain a healthy economy, coins holders will be able to use the coins in our NFT marketplace. Purchases can be made in the following way:

Time Machine

Coins can be used to purchase tickets for the time machine. Holders will have the ability to upgrade their NFT! What this means is that they can use the ticket to either travel back in time or into the future. For anyone that travels back in time their NFT will be upgraded by 1 level and for anyone that travels into the future will advance by 2 levels! Your NFT will have the same traits, but we will update the metadata to reflect the new levels. Like anything else that holds true value, this option will be limited in terms of supply.

Travel to the past — this will upgrade your NFT by 1 level. It will enable holders to earn an additional 25 coins per day per NFT that is upgraded. There will be a limit of 750 tickets for this option.

Travel to the future — this will upgrade your NFT by 2 levels. It will enable holders to earn an additional 50 coins per day per NFT that is upgraded. There will be a limit of 500 tickets for this option.

NFT Raffles

Purchase of raffle tickets that can then apply towards NFTs that are available for the Community. The winner of the raffle will gain ownership of the NFT. As in any raffle, the more tickets you drop, the higher your chances of winning. There will be a cap on how many entries total can be part of the drawing, but there will be no limit to how many entries an individual can submit.


Purchase whitelist spots for quality projects.


Arcade like P2E games will be available for users to play with the $HOWL coins earned. These games will include, but not limited to, P2P games such as tic tac toe, connect 4, & chess and P2C games such as dice, high card, plinko and more.

Membership & Events

Coin holders will also be able to use their coins to gain access to Alpha groups focused on crypto and even stocks, tickets for IRL events that are focused on topics within this space i.e. networking conferences, crypto/blockchain events, & more


$HOWL can be used to purchase HMW merch.

The wolf market will be an evolving concept and as new ideas emerge in the Web 3 space, we will continue to upgrade our market to meet the demands.

To wrap it all up, holders will earn coins on a daily basis. Minimum 100 coins per day will be earned for each NFT. However if you mint more, mint a rare or legendary or upgrade your NFT by traveling in the time machine you have the option.

And remember you can use your coin to purchase tickets for the time machine, raffle tickets, whitelists, access to Alpha Groups, merch, IRL event tickets and more!



Wolves are stronger when they move in a pack. Thus, we are building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a dedicated Community Fund where the Wolfpack decides on which quality projects to purchase for the HMW Marketplace.

Pre-Mint Utility

We have decided to start the hunt prior to mint. We have established a points-earning system at the official HMW Discord channel that will allow active members to earn points from various activities. You can then use these points to get WL for HMW, and to bid on a few NFTs that we have already pre-purchased for the community to win as early access rewards! Wolves don’t play around! When everyone else is asleep, we’re already on the hunt!


When you become a Howling Meta Wolf Holder, you take full and unobstructed ownership for the art! For each Wolf you own, you have all the necessary IP rights to the art, giving you the ability to use it in any way you would like.Along with your purchase, you will be receiving a full body 3D Metaverse-Ready file so you can shapeshift into your Wolf in the digital world too!


Howling Meta Wolves will be a symbol of wealth, of fierceness and most of all a symbol of strength. Holders of HMW NFT will be given opportunities in web3 that have never been seen before. Starting with control over the art as it transitions from 2D to 3D! Also, with AX6 Holders will be able to connect with others in this space on a safe platform that will be mutually beneficial for both Alpha’s/Educators/Influencers and all those interested in this space. We all know Web3 is ever expanding and we want to make sure our community has access to this evolving and growing space. We also want to ensure we provide Holders benefits to grow their portfolio just by holding and being committed to this community. With the entire team being doxxed, a solid roadmap that ensures longevity, control over the art and the introduction of AX6 Hub this project is a one of a kind opportunity for anyone interested in this space. There will always be an ongoing battle to be at the very top, the Howling Meta Wolves have reared their heads and have been howling their name to secure their place in history. Now the question is… Are you a Howling Meta Wolf?



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